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En un diálogo tierno con su madre, Diana descubre que puede hacer mucho por sus amigos y compañeros con poderes que pueden no ser tan espectaculares pero igualmente efectivos y que todos podemos desarrollarnos.

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Dog, Family, Pet, Puppy -

This is a tender story, as millions exist, between a boy and his dog, and you can tell it to your children or your students so that they can enjoy the warm details of a love that perhaps they already know or will one day know.

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power, superhero, superpowers -

In a tender dialogue with her mother, Diana discovers that she can do a lot for her friends and peers with powers that may not be as spectacular but equally effective and that we can all develop.


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book, children, ebooks, free, future, portraits, school, time machine -

An entertaining children's book to share with the kids and with your followers on social networks, which can serve as an exercise to identify the path they want to travel in their lives.

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ebook, familia, mascota, perro -

Esta es una historia tierna, como millones existen, entre un chico y su perro, y se la puedes contar a tus hijos o a tus alumnos para que disfruten los cálidos detalles de un amor que tal vez ya conocen o un día conocerán.

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